Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Easy Hanging Dishcloth Pattern

This link will take you to my WordPress Blog where my I have posted my first public pattern.
I hope you enjoy it.
Have a Blessed Day

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day of Rememberence

Today I will not be open for business. Instead I will be remembering and praying for everyone affected by the attack on our great nation on this day twelve years ago. Below are some links and images to help us to remember and pay tribute to that day, those lost and those forever changed by those events.
May God bring peace back to this nation.
Have a Blessed Day

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walk, Run, AVON...For a Cure.

Happy Wednesday Everyone.

Today I would like to talk to you all about a little girl named Keira.

Keira is  a very spirited 5 year old twin. Over the 2012 Holiday Season her parents were given some heartbreaking news. Keira was told she had cancer. The silver lining, she was diagnosed with ALL. This kind of cancer has a high success recovery rate.
You can keep up to date on Keira's progress through out her treatment journey on her blog.
Keira's Blog

As you may know Lexy's HandMade Creations held an auction benefit for Keira at the beginning of the year. I plan on holding another at the beginning of 2014 as well. The funds raised will go the Keira and her families needs as she continues her fight with ALL. I will also be listing her, along side my PeePaw(God rest him) and Step-Dad, as someone I am walking for in this years Light the Night Walk. Follow this link to join my team or donate to help find a cure: Light for Life.

Keira has captured the hearts of many people. Her family will be walking the One Million Miles Walk, in her honor, hosted by Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to help raise awareness and donations to continue the search for a cure. Follow this link to get more information on that walk: Team Keira. As well as an AVON Fundraiser to help. Follow this to get to the group page for AVON Fundraiser.

Have a Blessed Day

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

As you all know I have been crocheting for some time now.
 My journey started off, while I was pregnant with our daughter, as a desire to make my baby a special blanket. At first I didn’t get it, but with a little help and practice I was on my way to, what you now could call my, addiction for the art. I would make stuff, while I was working full-time, just to make it and give it away. Or I would make stuff as gifts to answer the call of the hook. Or as a stress reliever.
 After we moved, and my hours at work were limited, I was faced with and unimaginable amount of time on my hands. This only fueled the fire to turn a ball of yarn into something, anything. With a big tub of yarn, my grandma gave me, and uninterrupted time I crocheted my little heart out. Once I was done I didn’t know what I was going to do with all the stuff I had made. I thought craft shows, sponsored events and my Facebook page would all be sufficient.
 The events came and went. And my Facebook fan page hit the ground crawling. So I decided to be more productive. Liking ladders, Page Mingling and other creative ways to get likes was the road to fan base growth. Next were auctions, hosted by other pages, to get my name out there. And then, what turned into a huge break for me, an RTS group.
This turned my inventory into actual sales. Packages were bundled and shipped. Photographers started buying my items for their prop drawers and Lexy’s HandMade Creations took a turn for the more professional crocheting realm of things. And now I am partnering up with a new group.
 Made with Love, Props & More is my newest outlet for reaching new clients. Fairly new to Facebook, Made with Love, Props & More is headed up by a very professional lady with the know how to make a successful page, where we can come together and get our handmade goods to new homes. I am very excited about this new partnership because I know that new connections will be made. Also because this page is not just for your photographer.
 It is for your new mom and dad looking for a special handmade item for their new bundle of joy. It’s for your trendy teen, who doesn’t want to have the same scarf or headband every other girl in school has. It’s for you, who is looking for a new “spoil myself” gift that is made by a person and not a machine.
 So head on over to Made with Love, Props and More and check it out ( And Mark Your Colanders for July 23, 2013. That is the big Grand Opening Sale. It will be Christmas in July, because it’s never to early to buy your new fall and winter props or Christmas presents.
 I hope you all have a very Blessed Day

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fourth of July
While online today I came across a super patriotic crochet item. Starting Chain posted an American Flag Blanket she made, And it gave me the idea that, with Independence Day right around the corner, I shall concur the project too. I hear it is fairly easy so I just need to get some supplies and get started.
I think I will give it to my little brother who just shipped off to Michigan, for Navel Boot Camp. They grow up so fast.
So here is to those who serve, have served or plan on serving. Thank you so much for your service.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Testing the Ropes
So I have always been a little afraid, intimidated, by the idea of crocheting baby cloths.
I am no longer afraid. YAY!
Last week I took up a chance to test a layette set pattern. This included things I already knew how to deal with; hat, blanket. But it also included things I was no so familiar with; pants and a sweater.
I was pretty excited about the new endeavor that I jumped on it right away. First I tackled the pants, then the sweater. And I whipped through those fairly quickly.
So I am excited to say that Lexy’s HandMade Creations will now be offering layette sets and pant/shorts, sweater sets.
Once the pattern for that I tested is released I will update with a link to it, along with pics of the set I made from it.
Have a Blessed Day everyone

Monday, April 29, 2013

New Charmed BookMarks

Charmed BookMarks
Last week I got a new shipment of charms from Natalie’s Creations. And can I tell you she never fails to amaze me..
I was so excited that I finished nearly 40 new Charmed BookMarks to add to my page on Facebook in about three hours.
For a look at the new Charmed BookMarks head over to and check out the Charmed BookMarks album.
An why not stop by Natalie’s Creations page to and tell her hi. Don’t forget to peek at her awesome inventory too.
r Lexy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Praying for Boston

From my family to yours Boston Marathon Victims, I send you’re my heartfelt prayers, sympathy and empathy. For the rescuers, weather by profession or chance, I pray for peace and am in awe by your selfless acts of heroism.
God Speed
Lexy Moore
Yesterday our nation was attacked right in the heart of Boston. Thousands had come to join in on the long time tradition of the Boston Marathon, some running and some cheering on the sidelines. But some had more sinister ideas of how the day should play out.
While runners crossed the finish line and spectators looked on, an evil, vial person choose to set terror in the hearts and minds of those there. The person, or persons, who perpetrated this act set out to place fear in the American people.
Since then we have gotten updates on the loss of life and the number of injured. We have been told that the investigation will not cease until the person(s) responsible for this crime are brought to their much deserved due justice. While we are all anxious for answers I caution you to be wise about what you read and see plastered on your Facebook, Twitter and(if you still have one) MySpace feeds.
Not everyone is out to spread the most current, factual news. There are people that will use this event as a means to spread vicious lies or create more avenues of venerability. Conspiracy Theorist are quick to throw uninformed messages out to a fractured people. And Hackers are out to create the “Like this to show your respect” “Spread this because the Government doesn’t want it seen” posts to penetrate your security by playing on your heart strings.
This terrible tragedy happened just yesterday. The media can, at best speculate on the who, what, where, when, why and how’s of the events that took place until investigators are finished with their investigation. They will know more information than your Facebook feed. So please do not fall into the trap of spreading ill willed information. This will only bring more heartache to those already in anguish.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Good afternoon all.
Today there is an RTS Sale going on over on the Prop It Like It’s Hot page on Facebook.
Here is a run down of some other events you can find there for the next few days.
Flash Spring Sale tomorrow and a new RTS Sale on Sunday.
I am currently in a St. Patty’s Day Auction on Bella and Beau’s Craft Auction, which ends soon. It’s not to late to get your green hat for you or your little one. Avoid the pinch. ;)
And on Monday the Big Benefit Auction for Keira opens on my page.
I hope you can all make it by to see what good stuff you can get in these sales. It will be awesome. You don’t want them to pass you buy.
Have a Blessed Day
Lexy’s HandMade Creations

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good afternoon all.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday. Here we have snow to play in. I hope you have some to play in too.
Looks like I made these in the nick of time. And I’m making a matching pair for my princess too.
Just some updates on the happenings on the fan page.
The auction for Keira is going to be amazing and opens on Sunday, March 10, 2013. It is going to be amazing. There are a lot of different items in this auction. We have Avon, professional photography photos, handmade goods and more.
I can’t wait until it opens.
If you would like to participate as a vendor I will still accept items. Just shoot me an email at Or if you are on FB you can get in touch there as well.
I have some goals floating around in my head for my business and I am excited about those. So keep your eyes peeled.
I hope you all have a Blessed Day.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Good morning everyone.
I do hope you all are having a fabulous day.
There have been a lot of things going on here at Lexy’s HandMade Creations. Several auctions and giveaways have come to and end just so several more can start up.
You can find links to the active auctions at the end of this posting.
Quite a few items will be shipping out this week along with some personal gifts that I am excited about finishing up as well.
But right now I would like to talk about Keira.
She is a 4 year old little girl who has been spending more time in the hospital than she should at her young age. She is a bright fun young girl who is also a twin. Keira was diagnosed with Leukemia during the 2012 holiday season. So aside from being away from home for treatment, away from her best friend since before birth and away her friends, she is also battling to beat this cancer.
In an effort to help her and her family with medical bills, food and lodging and any other special needs they will have over the next few years of treatment, I am hosting a benefit auction on my page. The auction will be March 10th-23rd. What I am in the hunt for now are more vendors to donate.
How will this work for the vendors?
Vendors will follow this link to the event page to join. Once you Join please post an ablum with up to 10 items of things you want to auction off for during the benefit. You set the % that you will donate from each item. You also set the shipping and handling requierments(I.e. $, locations you ship to, ect.). But you can find all of that information on the event page on Facebook.
If you do not have Facebook, but want to donate please let me know so I can see how to add your items into the auction.
Well that is all I really have for you today. Have a very Blessed Day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hi everyone. Its been a while but I have a moment and wanted to take the time to post.
There are a lot of exciting things going on my Facebook Fan page.
Lexy's HandMade Creations
I have been very active in several auctions over the past month and have a bunch scheduled for this month as well, along with some fabulous RTS Sales every Wednesday night. Things have really been picking up with all these opportunities. I have found three great groups of ladies that I admire and we all help each other grow in our trade and business.
I am in the midst of planning and hosting a big benefit auction for a 4 year old named Keira who was diagnosed with Leukemia over the holidays. If you are interesting in being a vendor or a shopper you can find out more info on my fan page.
Other than that I have been busy making new things while learning new stitches. I will post more on those soon. In the mean time check out the links below if you are interested in getting in on some of the fun tonight and over the next couple of days.
Have a Blessed Day
Mega RTS Sale on the Prop It Like It
s Hot fan page(Starts at 9pm est)
My 700 Fans GiveAway(entries must be in by 9pm est 2/7/13)
1000 Fans Giveaway&Auction on GraftyWithStyle
s fan page(ends 2/9/13) 1000 Fans Giveaway on Simply Blings fan page Check back later for some new links to upcoming auctions and giveaways.