Thursday, March 17, 2016

Testing Patterns

I absolutely Love testing patterns. And it's not for the reason most would assume.

When I test a pattern my main job is to help ensure the accuracy of the pattern for the writer. I am currently testing two patterns and am so excited about them. I always find that I learn new techniques when I'm testing. And if I'm not learning new things I am finally getting the handle on a stitch or technique I just couldn't get a handle on.

For instance, the foundation chain. Now I have seen it, saved an image of the instructions typed on it. But-for some reason, beyond me, I just couldn't get the hang of it. Until these two patterns. And finally, Finally, I got it. And now I think, why couldn't I get it before?! So easy when you have just the right instructions I front you.

With most patterns there is a key that lists the stitches used through out. But these patterns-the writers went above and beyond with full instructions on how to execute Special Stitches. Normally, if there is a stitch I don't know I type it into Google, click the video tab and watch a few tutorials. But the Special Stitches key is like icing on the cake.

Testing patterns doesn't just help the writer to ensure the pattern is clearly written, rated at the correct experience level and grammatical errors are corrected. It also helps the me grow as an artisan. As I already mentioned, it helps me get a grasp on stitches I haven't been able to in the past as well as building my stitch capabilities. Testing patterns also helps me build a better structure for writing my own patterns.

Every writer has their own methods and set up, but as a writer of few patterns it is helpful to examine other patterns to get an idea of what works best for you. Now, you could say that you can get from working patterns up and you'd be right. But I encourage, that if you ever get the chance, to jump right in. It's a lot of fun.