Sunday, May 19, 2013

Testing the Ropes
So I have always been a little afraid, intimidated, by the idea of crocheting baby cloths.
I am no longer afraid. YAY!
Last week I took up a chance to test a layette set pattern. This included things I already knew how to deal with; hat, blanket. But it also included things I was no so familiar with; pants and a sweater.
I was pretty excited about the new endeavor that I jumped on it right away. First I tackled the pants, then the sweater. And I whipped through those fairly quickly.
So I am excited to say that Lexy’s HandMade Creations will now be offering layette sets and pant/shorts, sweater sets.
Once the pattern for that I tested is released I will update with a link to it, along with pics of the set I made from it.
Have a Blessed Day everyone