Disclosure & Privacy Policies

  Everyone has to cover the legalities right?

  While the main purpose of my blog is to keep you all up to date on what is going on with Lexy's HandMade Creations. This includes any new Items that I may be working on or have completed.  I will also be utilizing this platform to share crafty things that I come across and guest hosting.
  Currently this blog is does not get paid to advertise any other company, it is possible that I may go in that direction in the future. Any ads that I get paid for to advertise on this blog will be clearly marked on the sides of the blog. These ads will be selected by me that relate to the content of the blog. However, there are ads placed through out the blog, which pop up when your courser rolls over certain words. These ads are placed there by Google and Lexy's HandMade Creations in no way profits from them.

  That being said I fully respect your privacy and will in no way share or sell your private information. I will not share or sell your name or any contact information provided to any company without your consent.

  Well I think that about covers it.

  Have a Blessed Day

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