Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Yarn that did not Behave :P

    I love to sit down and turn a skein of yarn into a treasure that someone can get to give to their loved one. There are so many yarns to choose from.

    Stiff yarn, soft yarn, normal yarn, red yarn, blue yarn, pink yarn, thin yarn, thick yarn and extra thick yarn. Most times yarn is fairly easy to work with once you get the hang of it. But then you have that troublesome yarn.

   The yarn that will not behave. It knots in the skein so you have to take it apart and by the time your done half the skein is pulled out just to fix the problem. Or you have the yarn that just wont stay twisted. My favorite troublesome yarn.


    See how the yarn doesn’t like itself. It doesn’t want to stay in that nice tight hugging twist it is suppose to stay in.

    The key to handling this kind of yarn is making sure you hold it just so. You know, tight enough to keep your hoot from going through the un-entwined yarn but, loose enough to keep your stitch at the correct gauge.


Like so.

    Once you have battled the Yarn that won’t behave you may even end up with a finished product.

Like this set of booties.

    If you are beginning a big project and you notice your yarn is misbehaving, I strongly suggest to save yourself some head ach and get different yarn.

    Set that yarn aside and use it later for smaller projects like booties, hates or baby shoes.

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                                                                             GOD Bless.