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  Hi there. And welcome to my blog. My name is Lexy and I am the sole owner/operator/creator of Lexy's HandMade Creations.

Let me tell you a little about how I got started crocheting.

My earliest memory of trying to learn how to crochet is when I was around 11 years old. I was at my Aunt's, who is also my Godmother, house and was watching her crochet. I asked her to teach me.

After that weekend I really didn't continue learning the craft. I'm not really sure why because I really wanted to learn. So years had gone by and I went from a little girl to a grown woman pregnant with my first baby. The desire to learn again come back with a vengeance, hehe.

I wanted to make something very special for my little baby. Something that could be cherished and maybe even handed down over the generations. Our friends, one who shared our house with us and her sister, took on the task to help teach me to crochet so I could concur my need to make those special things.

Well, I must have been about four months along and we sat down at the kitchen table with our freshly purchased yarn and hooks. I had my teachers by my side and my big plans all ready to go.

Utter Failure!!!

Tip #1 If you are planning on learning to crochet for the first time might I suggest not going for the cotton skein. You know the ones used to make wash cloths and so forth. They don't tend to have a lot of wiggle room. Oh and if you do maybe choose a decent sized hook.

Between the cotton yarn, small hook and my hands wanting to crochet a tight stitch, there was just no ability to even make a first row. Live and Learn right!

So I set it down and walked away feeling slightly defeated. I went on to teach myself to knit with one of those Teach Yourself to Knit Kits. Oddly enough I got that. All the way until I had to finish it. I had no idea how to finish it so I don't knit now. But I do crochet. Yay!

After my baby was born I was commenting on another friends work and told her my depressing story about why I couldn't crochet. I mentioned how upsetting it was that I couldn't make cutesy things for my baby and that I wished I could figure it out.  She said she would help me learn the way she learned. And it worked!

I was so excited. And I have rarely been seen without a hook and yarn ever since.

After that I was simple an addict. I would make things just so I could have a reason to buy more yarn to make new things with. Sure I would randomly throw out excuses to justify my habit. A baby blanket for a friends new baby. A hat for the kids. A pattern I just have to learn. And it's a great stress reliever. Which is great because I don't have bail money just sitting around in a cookie jar somewhere, hehe. But at the end of the day I simply just needed to quench the need to crochet.

It wasn't until nearly five years later that I would turn my addiction in to a business. So now here I am doing my best to turn yarn into quality handmade items to sell at reasonable prices.
No need to give me your first born child or right arm, I have my own.

I hope you enjoyed my starting out story as much as I have sharing it with you.
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Have a Blessed Day

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