Thursday, July 10, 2014

What Inspired Me to Sell My Crochet?

  Today is commonly known at Throw Back Thursday in the Social Media World, so how perfect that today's post is going to be on what inspired me to sell my crochet.

  The simple truth of the matter is that I wanted to be able to offer quality handmade gifts to people at reasonable prices. As I looked around I could find these super cute baby gifts, but the prices on some of them were some what out of reach for a good deal of people. No mother should have to give up her first born or an arm and a leg to be able to get a nice quality handmade gift for her little bundle of joy.

  From there I started learning more patterns and different stitches. I also started creating a few of my own patterns. These steps help keep me on the learning curve and have opened my inventory up to more than just baby gifts. By writing some of my own patterns I have also been able to keep my overhead down, which in turn keeps my prices down. It's pretty much a win win.

  Have a Blessed Day

P.S. Do you sell your crochet? What or who inspired you to start selling? Leave your answer in a comment.

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