Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Tips to help you Crochet on a Budget.

  Happy Monday everyone! I do hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend. I missed all the fireworks but hopefully we will be setting off the ones we bought tonight. Now that we are all back on the grind let's get to it.

  Holiday's always tend to stir the creative juices in us don't they? All the adorable patterns and neat creations just make us want to go out and buy all the yarn we can. But how do you do that on a budget? Here are a few tips.

Tip#1: Plan your Project
  There is nothing worse than working on a project only to look down half way through it and realize that you have run out of yarn. Most patterns will let you know how much yarn you need for the project. And since every persons tension is different you may want to buy a little extra, or work up a swatch, just to be safe.

Tip#2: Patterns
  When choosing patterns choose those that you can view virtually. Save money on books and printer paper. Also choose patterns that do not require to many color options. If you can find patterns where you can use one color you can buy a big skein so you don't run the risk of running out of yarn in the middle of your project.
Note: If you are using a virtual pattern try to visit the site where pattern originated from. This lets the writer know of new interests in their patterns. It could also lead them to extra income from your visit. also please refrain from any form of pattern sharing of paid patterns. This hurts everyone in the industry, from the buyer to the creator and most importantly the pattern writer.

Tip#3: Yarn & Hooks
  The price of yarn and hooks can vary in price. Some are relativity inexpensive where others have a price tag that could cause any heart to stop.  There are some ways to help save on these costs. 
  As mentioned above you can buy the bigger skeins of yarn so you get more yarn for your buck. You can also shop the clearance sections of your local yarn/craft store. Other options can include checking out, yard sales, second hand stores, estate sales, Craig's List or you can join a swap group for crafters. 
  If you are crocheting to sell your items I suggest you buy direct form the store or online shop. This will ensure that you are not using a lot of time trying to get odors out of the yarn such as cigarette smoke, pet dander or heavy perfumes.

Tip#4: Coupons, Coupons, Coupons
  Most big craft store chains offer some sort of discount. These can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and come in the mail, through email or via text message. Whatever you do, Do Not buy your supplies without a coupon(unless of course you cant find a good one and you need the yarn and hooks right away)

Tip#5: Recycle, Reduce & Reuse
  Out of yarn but need to feed the beast? No worries. Yarn does not always have to be your canvas.  You can also use old t-shirts, bed sheets and plastic shopping bags to create fun new items. Or if it must be yarn you may want to take an old sweater apart.

  Do you have any money saving tips you would like to share? Leave your tip in the comments below.

Have a Blessed Day

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