Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3 Amazing Crochet Hacks

  Happy Tuesday All

  I have been crocheting consistently for the last 8 years. Along the way I have picked up a few new tricks to help me through some of my projects. Here are a list of some of my own.

  Tip#1: Unfinished Projects
    We all have them. Unfinished projects. One tucked here, another over there and maybe even one in the car. But have you ever gone back to those projects and couldn't remember what pattern you were working on or what hook you were using? Or have you ever looked at it and thought, 'Great. How did that get on the floor? Now it's covered in floor fuzz.'
    Well after a few of my own mishaps I have found what seems to be a perfect solution to cover most issues that come with unfinished projects. If you have ever purchased a set of sheets than you have had this hack right in your own house and may have never known it. Most sheets sets come in a nifty zip-up bag with a second zipper section at the top for the pillow cases. They also have a little sleeve in the big part for the image card.
    What I have done is reused these for storage. I put the pattern in the sleeve, the yarn in the big portion and the hook and scissors go in the top portion.  I keep it all in there while working on the project. Instead of pulling out all of the skeins to work on it I would just zip the section up most of the way and pull the yarn through the open part.
    So next time you get new sheets Don't Throw Out those bags.

  Tip#2: Weaving in Ends
    I Can Not Stand to weave in ends!
    When I am done with a project I want to be done and not have to waste a bunch of time weaving in ends. So I weave them in as I go. When I have to change a color I simply fasten it on right where the color change needs to be. There are a few different ways you can do it but my favorite is to secure it with a little knot.  I also like to stitch right right over the old color with the new color, fold the old color back before completing the stitch(if working with a double crochet) and then folding it back over then completing a few stitches over the old color before snipping the old color yarn. Another hack is to simply add a fringe onto the sides. This also gives it a little flair.
    Also when you have to weave in that last bit or yarn at the end of your project, and you don't have a needle, use the smallest hook you have to weave it through the back of the stitches. This will help keep from putting those gaping holes in your finished row or round.

  Tip#3: Keep it Fresh
    When you store your yarn or projects store them in a bag or container with a couple of dryer sheets inside. If you have a craft room and you store your yarn on a shelf system you can do this also, replacing a little more often, or you can use a nice clean smelling tart and burner to keep the air smelling nice.
    These will help keep you yarn from smelling stale.

Have a Blessed Day,

P.S. Do you have a Crochet Hake you want to share? Just post it in a comment.

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