Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Image Staging Hack

  Happy Tuesday everyone.
  Today I would like to talk about staging your items to get better images for advertising.  If you are like me you might not have the best ability to get those great professional images. Maybe you have been able to round up a couple along the way but would really like to expand that number.  Or you see other sellers who have been able to create some great images right in their homes by acquiring backdrops, a decent camera and photo shop.
  When I started out all I had was my cell phone to take pictures with and no backdrops. So I used sheets, scrap booking paper or the outside world. These were great alternatives. And the other day I came up with yet another staging hack that I would like to share with you.

What You Need: 
What You Do

Finally: Edit your images and add your watermark so that you can use them for your Blog, Facebook, Website, etc.  For better lighting you can do this by a window that gives the best soft light in your home, or by using a Daylight Light Bulb in a lamp you can point at your set up.

Note: In my images you can see that my laptop is on. I would make sure that, if you use this tip, you have yours off when taking your shoots.

Have a Blessed Day

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