Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dear Fans

Dear Fans,
I normally do not get into the pricing debate, however today I feel like I need to voice my opinion. I want to encourage everyone to embrace the price that is placed on handmade items.
Handmade items are made by a person and not a machine. This means that items have a personal touch and are limited to how fast a person can complete each project. We, as handmade creators, can not mass produce each item at high rates of speed. So we replace that with a quality and love you will not find in mass produced items. We often stay up late, put off doing our chores, skip a meal or two and use our lunch breaks at work to finish an ordered item.
So I ask that when you are shopping around, please take note of the price. If you notice the price to be to good to be true keep digging, because it probably is to good to be true.  Find a handmade artisan and form a bond with that person, because they are giving you a little piece of themselves with every item you buy from them. And know that everything that goes into a handmade item is truly immeasurable.
Have a Blessed Day,

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